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 Inscr.. Inscr.. : 16/08/2009
Idade Idade : 43

MensagemAssunto: Armas POINT MAN   Ter Fev 02, 2010 1:21 am

  • KBP PP2000Damage32Range20Accuracy40Stability28Mobility92Rate of Fire
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 9mm X 19
    Weight : 1.9kg
    Length : 340/582mm
    Ammo : 44

    Russian SMG with compact, light and powerful 7N31 cartridge. Simple
    blowback system offers decent accuracy. Reserve magazine can be quickly
    replaced as stock.

  • PPSh41Damage31Range25Accuracy40Stability38Mobility60Rate of Fire70Ammo71
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 7.62mm X 25
    Weight : 3500g
    Length : 840mm
    Ammo : 71

    The signature machine gun of the Red Army in World War 2, with a
    high-capacity drum cartridge that holds up to 71 rounds. Better known
    as the 'Red Army Shooty'.

  • MP5K-PDWDamage28Range20Accuracy43Stability37Mobility85Rate of Fire78Ammo30
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 9mm X 19
    Weight : 2.12kg
    Length : 435mm
    Ammo : 30

    K stands for 'Kurz' which means 'Short' in German. Having enhanced
    portability compared to standard MP5, MP5K was specially developed for
    operations in small spaces. MP5K-PDW is a further improvement of MP5K.
    This piece was developed at a time when HK was involved in PDW project
    (NATO). MP5K-PDW has modified folding butt plate and evidences of
    strenuous efforts in designing can be noted in its portability and

  • Bizion PP-19Damage31Range25Accuracy40Stability37Mobility82Rate of Fire50Ammo64
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 9mm X 19
    Weight : 2.1kg
    Length : 425/660mm
    Ammo : 64

    This odd-looking SMG was developed by IZHMASH in 90s and revealed in
    1993. It has same trigger unit as AK74M and forward sight is similar to
    Dragunov SVD. A large number of ammo can be loaded to its round-shaped

  • UziDamage30Range20Accuracy40Stability28Mobility80Rate of fire82Ammo Count25
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 9mm X 19
    Weight : 2.7kg
    Length : 360/650mm
    Ammo Count : 25

    SMG designed by IMI of Israel. Its simple mechanism offers
    easy-to-repair and reliable weapon. It has short length and the
    magazine is housed in the pistol grip, allowing for a heavier,
    slower-firing bolt in a shorter, better-balanced weapon.

  • UMP45Damage34Range28Accuracy38Stability30Mobility80Rate of fire70Ammo Count25
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : .45ACP
    Weight : 2.27kg
    Length : 450/690mm
    Ammo Count : 25

    Just as its name of Universal Machine Pistol, UMP is widely used by
    many national security agencies all across the world. It uses 45ACP
    ammo to compensate somewhat reduced power of SMGs. Standard equipment
    of Rail allows wide variety of custom parts to be added on.

  • P90Damage30Range22Accuracy45Stability47Mobility80Rate of fire73Ammo Count50
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 5.7mm X 28
    Weight : 2.8kg
    Length : 500mm
    Ammo Count : 50

    A custom variation of the P90 with improved stability. Its stock has
    been replaced with a special material that automatically distributes
    the traction of unpredictable recoil.

  • Remington870Damage85Range10Accuracy30Stability20Mobility40Rate of fire15Ammo Count7
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 12'gage
    Weight : 3.5kg
    Length : 980mm
    Ammo Count : 7

    A textbook model of pump-action shotgun. The 870 features
    bottom-loading, tubular magazine under the barrel, and dual action
    bars. It's known for its reliability and easy-to-handle mechanism.

  • MP5A3Damage30Range25Accuracy38Stability35Mobility80Rate of Fire75Ammo25
    Actual Spec
    Caliber : 9mm X 19
    Weight : 2.88kg
    Length : 496/660mm
    Ammo : 25

    MP series of Heckler & Koch is probably the most popular SMGs since
    the World War. Great number of special forces, police, and armies all
    over the world employ this series for its compact size, strong power,
    and renowned reliability. It has achieved enhanced accuracy and
    stability by adopting HK's unique sealed-breechblock unit and delayed
    blowback mechanism.

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